Gel remover 15 ml
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Glue remover gel - 15ml.

Gentle adhesive remover with a special opracowną formula quickly and easily dissolves adhesives distributed by Looksus lashes, as well as most other companies adhesives used for eyelash extension, without destroying the natural lashes. This is consistent with medical standards.

Glue remover Gel. Gel consistency allows easier application remover on the eyelashes as well as ensures that it will flow on to the eyes of clients.

Cleaner can be applied using applicators bezwłokienkowych. We spread as a smear remover on the eyelashes, which we want to download and wait for 1 minute after the re-drag applicators after the eyelashes. Synthetic lashes gently peeled off from the natural lashes, leaving the natural eyelashes intact.

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